Freda Payne, Executive Chef

Freda has been with Emmaus House for almost 20 years. The kitchen is her baby! The secret ingredient to all of her cooking is very simple: love. She has a deep passion for making sure everyone is fed, and she does so with only love in her heart. Our clients refer to her as “mama” or “auntie” and look forward to coming in every morning not only to eat her delicious food(breakfast is a time of day rather than a type of food, so fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and greens are often on the menu!) in order to get a loving “Good morning honey!” from her. She’s the light of our mornings, and we all love her dearly.



Wayne Harden, Clinic Supervisor

Wayne has been with us since 2014 and is arguably the hardest working man in all of Savannah Georgia. He is the first point of contact for most of our clients because he is here at 6am each weekday to assist them with loads of laundry and facilitating the shower process. His love of the Emmaus House ministry is unparalleled. He is quick to put others before himself because he recognizes how blessed he is in his life. His hard work and enthusiasm is infectious and we could not do what we do without him.




Stuart Hunley, Dining Hall Assistant

Stuart started out as one of our very dedicated client volunteers who showed initiative and high work ethic from the beginning. He is a blessing to the team and helps with the client traffic in the morning, and helps in the kitchen and with last minute needs throughout the day. He has an excellent sense of humor and work ethic, and fits into the Emmaus House family seamlessly!